Golf Training

Golfer image


Our golf training is broken down into five levels.  Each member is assessed at each level and must have a certificated pass from an OCF coach in order to progress.  On completion, members will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to find long-term employment within the golf industry.


LEVEL 1 - Introduction to golf – Members are introduced to the basic techniques of golf.

LEVEL 2 - Enhanced knowledge – Members are introduced to golfing etiquette and the rules of golf. Members attend informative employment presentations from industry experts.

LEVEL 3 - Development – Members’ knowledge and skills are enhanced through continued coaching, practice and one-on-one employment interviews.

LEVEL 4 - Formal handicap – Having developed an understanding of the fundamental skills and rules, members can now apply for an official golf handicap and participate in a select number of OCF fundraising events. Work experience placements are usually fulfilled at this level.

LEVEL 5 - Advanced – Members are likely to have an official golf handicap of 18 or better and will have the necessary experience to secure employment in the golf industry.


Whilst many careers in the golf industry require some knowledge of the game, there are roles where this is not necessary.  For those individuals who are not interested in learning about the game of golf, and simply want a career or work experience within the industry, we will strive to secure a successful outcome.