Five-Level Programme

Golfer imageOur golf training is broken down into five levels.  Each member is tested at each individual stage and must have a certificated pass from an accredited coach in order to progress to the next level.  On completion of all five levels, each member will have acquired his On Course Foundation qualification and is judged to be fully prepared to play and be employed within the golf industry.

LEVEL 1 - Introduction to golf – Members are introduced to the basic techniques of golf

LEVEL 2 - Etiquette and rules – Members are introduced to golfing etiquette and the rules of golf whilst receiving more in-depth technical coaching

LEVEL 3 - Development – Members’ knowledge and skills are enhanced through continued coaching and practice; Members are deemed to have sufficient skills, understanding of golf and of the golf industry at large to be considered for employment possibilities and work placements

LEVEL 4 - Formal handicap – Having developed an understanding of the fundamental skills, rules and traditions of the game, members can now apply for an official golf handicap and participate in a select number of events. It is at this level when members achieve an official golf handicap of 24 or better

LEVEL 5 - Advanced – Advanced members will take the final exam to test their knowledge of the etiquette and rules of golf. On passing, they will have demonstrated that they are able to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner and with courtesy and sportsmanship on the golf course at all times – Level 5 members are likely to have an official golf handicap of 18 or better.