Career Pathway

vikrant-gurung-cropOur Career Pathway is the process through which we help move personnel from military to civilian life.

Our members need to demonstrate that they have a high level of competence, shown by a commitment to the Five-Level Programme, and a genuine interest in pursuing golf related work. From this, we work closely with each individual and their Personnel Recovery Officer to find the right path based on their interests. Veterans are afforded the same opportunities also and are invited to contact us directly.

Members will not be given any preferential treatment when it comes to job opportunities but we work hard to open doors for jobs and work experience roles that will be beneficial for all involved. OCF offers work placements and opportunities with a range of employers in the golfing industry:

We are always searching for opportunities for our members. If you have any placements, work experience or full time employment roles, that you think might be suitable for our injured Servicemen, then please contact us.