Alongside our comprehensive golf tuition, members will acquire interview skills and coaching to assist them in securing employment. Through these skills we hope to be able to offer our members a greater chance of securing employment within the golf industry.


employment imagesThe one to one coaching provides an opportunity to consider the many employment options available, increasing both self confidence and self belief as they embark on a new career path.

The work experience and employment strand of the On Course Foundation programme runs in tandem with the golf-specific training during our events. Members are prepared for employment in the golf industry and golf-related businesses by means of education, skills training, career advice, presentations and practical work experience.

This all forms part of the On Course Foundation Career Pathway.

Recruitment and interview skills

The On Course Foundation provides specific guidance on recruitment and interviewing skills. As interviews in the golfing industry are different to what the Service personnel would usually encounter, these skills are invaluable.

Working with our supporter organisations

The Foundation will work together with companies and individuals to identify work that will be both fulfilling and enjoyable. We are keen to secure employment that will enable the injured service personnel to make meaningful contributions to the golfing industry.

For potential employers: what to do now

We want the golfing industry and other businesses that are closely connected to golf to get behind this initiative. If you have employment opportunities that you think would be suitable please do get in touch; we can talk about the role and introduce you to the person that matches your needs.  Employment is integral to what we do. We will work closely with all parties before and during their employment to make sure it is successful for everyone.

For potential employees: what to do now

Our members will be supported to ensure they are knowledgeable about golf and the industry to be considered for employment through the Foundation. Although members will not be given any special treatment when it comes to job opportunities, we hope that we can open the door for jobs and work experience roles that will help members to secure employment on their own merit.

The Foundation can offer opportunities with a range of employers in the golfing industry and related businesses including:

The OCF employment scheme offers members the opportunity to gain work experience within all aspects of the golf industry for an initial period of one month. All placements are agreed with members and the companies offering the opportunity to ensure the experience is successful. After the placement both the members and the company will agree if the work experience period should be extended or made permanent. OCF will help by facilitating these discussions to ensure that both parties achieve their desired outcome.