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To build confidence and self-belief in our members through golf skills and employment training, and set them on the path to meaningful full-time employment opportunities in the golf industry.


Golf occupies a unique position as one of the few sports where participants of all skills and physical abilities can play together on a level playing field owing to the official handicap system. It offers injured Servicemen not only a sporting challenge but for those leaving the Service, an array of attractive career opportunities also.

The benefits of playing golf offer a key part in physical rehabilitation, improving both balance and limb coordination. Camaraderie, competitive spirit and concentration are important too, supporting the psychological recovery of our members and helping them find confidence within themselves. Many Service personnel face the daunting challenge of finding employment after leaving the Services, something we hope to help them overcome. We hope to use the game of golf as a vehicle for successful recovery, with all of our members achieving a positive outcome not only on the golf course, but ultimately through work experience and eventually meaningful employment in the golf industry.